Stand-up comedy: Peđa Bajović

Ivan Šarić stand-up comedy show
Ivan Šarić stand-up comedy show
4. October 2017.
Ožujsko Pub Maksi - Alen Đuras, koncert
Alen Djuras – the most beautiful voice of Croatia in the Ožujsko Maksi Pub
10. March 2018.
Stand-up comedy: Peđa Bajović

Who is sillier, the Americans or the English...or the Japanese? Or us.

What is a difference between a Bosnian woman and a Herzegovina man in bed or in the wallet?

What really happens when Croatians get pissed at Slovenians?

Find even more questions and even less answers in our first meeting with Peđa! With some more politics, a little so-called domestic economy, some entertainment and (never enough!) sex ... and we have "STANDING UP - a remedy against Yugo-nostalgia and Yugo-phobia".

The admission is free!

Žuja’s law


Žuja in the stomach, a smile on face!